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Ore Creek Power Washing practices Soft Washing Techniques to wash your home.  It is important to understand that soft washing means using low pressure water spray to apply cleaners, that kill algae and mold from all surfaces.  WE DO NOT use high pressure water to remove these contaminates.  IT IS Dangerous and HARMFUL to use high pressure water to wash a home.  WE use soft washing techniques to apply our proprietor blend of soaps and cleaners to eliminate algae, mold and dirt from all exterior surfaces.  Once applied, ALL contaminants are eliminated and removed by rinsing with low pressure water rinse that is safe for your vinyl. 

There are many local companies that are washing homes with high pressure water flow.  This process DOES NOT kill algae and mold.  It pushes it off only.  Our cleaning solutions kill algae and mold safely.  A low pressure rinse will safely move all contaminates.  When you call power washing companies, please ask them how they clean homes.  IF these companies are using high pressure water cleaning techniques, run away! Call Ore Creek Power Washing for a free estimate and explanation on how to safely wash a home.

Selling Your Home?

Many people ask us why washing the exterior of your home is important. With so many homes for sale, you want to make sure yours stands apart. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the homes they are looking at. Washing your home's exterior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that appeals to buyers and helps make a great first impression.

We are here to help you get the best price for your home. From washing your vinyl siding to washing your roof or restoring the appearance of your deck, we will get your home market-ready. Call us today in Brighton, Michigan!

If you’re wondering how Ore Creek Power Washing can clean the exterior of your home, watch our videos on the Services page.

Choose From Our Wide Range of Services

Choose from a wide range of services:

Soft Wash House Washing
Exterior Gutter Whitening
Irrigation Rust Removal
Brick Paver Cleaning, Sand & Seal

Soft Wash Roof Washing
Wood Deck Cleaning
Trek Deck Cleaning
Concrete Cleaning - Sidewalks/Driveways

We safely remove algae, mold, and dirt from all exterior surfaces using Soft Washing techniques.

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